About Us

After great feedback from friends and family of her invitation designs, Charlotte the creative sister pitched the idea of starting a company to Lucy the logical sister. The seed was then planted and Cocoa Berry grew. That seed has been watered every year since 2009.

The Cocoa Berries

Charlotte - the creative one (based in Wellington)

Armed with her Bachelor of Design and with extensive experience in design/branding agencies in Wellington and London, Charlotte has the gift of turning scribbles into ideas and ideas into designs.

Charlotte's thoughts on Lucy:

She will always be my older bossy sister. She will always answer emails (faster then a lightening bolt sometimes) She will always know the best, fastest, easiest directions to ANYWHERE (even if she's never been there). Her house is always tidy. She has one million dresses. She has one BILLION accessories. She likes lists. She LOVES lists. She gets excited when she sees that I'VE actually written a list. She puts basil on everything. When I was five she locked me in the boot of our Grandads car. When I was 21 she bought me 21 presents. She will always give me the confidence to know that we're not crazy.

Lucy - the logical one (based in Melbourne)

Aside from logic, Lucy also brings her Bachelor of Business Studies skills to the table with years of experience both here and abroad. More than likely she'll be the one who contacts you via email with quotes, invoices and to follow up. If you're based in Melbourne, she'll happily take you for coffee to discuss your design needs.

Lucy's thoughts on Charlotte:

She will always be my little sister, the one who borrows all my stuff and looks better in it than me. The creative one who makes me birthday gifts. And I treasure them all. She never knows directions of how to get somewhere. But she'll turn up looking fabulous. She has the best taste and style in everything. She'll always leave 1 thing behind when she comes to stay. Actually, it's more like 2 or 3. I love how passionate she is. She has so many brilliant ideas and designs and that's why it's so easy to believe in her


Silvie - the supportive one (based in Auckland)

Silvie has been our number 1 fan since the day we launched Cocoa Berry Design. Well that's what a cousin does now isn't it?! Always there for us, supporting us, encouraging us - our own personal Cocoa Berry cheerleader. Now instead of supporting from the sideline, Silvie is officially our Auckland Cocoa Berry contact. Out and about meeting with clients who need to discuss their tailor made designs in the Auckland region